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Office Water Coolers

keeping your employees hydrated

Here at Mirage Water Coolers Ltd, working in the Leeds and Yorkshire area, we can transform your office space with a bottled-fed or mains-fed water cooler. Office water coolers signal an excellent investment for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

A continuous chilled water supply will help employees stay hydrated, which aids physical and mental performance in the workplace. Boosting concentration and alertness also reduces several office safety risks, making the setting more inviting.

Either way, our office water coolers come from the top manufacturers in the UK and will provide your employees with filtered water throughout the day. Get in touch to arrange your installation today.

Water Cooler For Office

floor-standing and counter-top models

A mains-fed water cooler for office usage can transform any commercial setting in Leeds or surrounding parts of Yorkshire. The unit will be connected directly to the mains water supply, providing undisrupted access to clean water. It will be the most cost-effective solution if you have a busy office with many employees or visitors.

Our office solutions water cooler is available in floor-standing and countertop models. This lets you select the perfect option for your workspace, ensuring that the size and positioning suit the team. Whether it’s a private office, open plan office, or reception area doesn’t matter. Our experts are here to handle all of your needs.

Keeping your employees hydrated and alert never felt simpler.

Bottled Water Coolers For Offices

A more portable option for your commercial space

Bottled water coolers are another popular solution that offers a more versatile solution than mains-fed options due to their portability. They are great for small offices that consume at most 100 litres per month and temporary office spaces in Leeds or the broader region of Yorkshire.

As with our mains-fed solutions, our bottled water coolers for offices are available in both countertop and floor-standing variants. With brands like AA First, Crystal Mountain, Oasis, and Borg & Overstrom available, along with water sourced from Seaton Spring, you can be sure that your employees will have access to the best-tasting water forever.

Whether you know which type of water cooler for office use is right for you or need some help with the decision, contact the Mirage Water Coolers Ltd team today.

Beware the Roll-Over Contract

Mirage Watercoolers supply agreements are clear and fair. Should a customer wish to terminate an agreement at the end of the agreed term, or thereafter, we simply require three months written notice.

Users need to be aware that suppliers have a very different approach whereby, in the absence of any notification of the wish to terminate prior the end of an agreed term, the agreement will automatically roll over for a further term. In some cases this can tie the customer up for another five years!

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