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Meet The Team

Welcome to the Mirage Watercoolers team! Our dedicated group, based in the vibrant city of Leeds, UK, is passionate about providing top-quality hydration solutions for your workplace.

From sleek and modern water dispensers to eco-friendly filtration systems, we aim to offer the perfect water cooling system tailored to your needs. Committed to exceptional customer service, our team ensures seamless installation, maintenance, and support, guaranteeing your staff and visitors stay refreshed and energised. Meet the faces behind Mirage Watercoolers, a team committed to high standards.


Craig originally set up a company called Aquarius Water Services in 1994, a real pioneer of the industry with only a handful of companies supplying watercoolers. Aquarius was born, the company went from strength to strength and was eventually sold to a French company in 2001 Craig left Aquarius in 2003 with approx. 5000 coolers in and around Yorkshire.


I have been working in the water cooler trade since 1997. Starting in admin and becoming the Office Manager dealing with orders, routing of vans, invoicing and keeping all systems up to date.

I joined Sherburn & Villages u3a a couple of years ago and enjoy many of the groups, such as strollers, jewellery making, dining out, gardening, day trips and holidays. I love the social side of meeting like-minded people and have made many new friends.


From Melbourne, Australia. I came to England in 1994 to play one season of cricket and ended up playing for four seasons! During my time in England as a cricketer, I worked for Aquarius Watercoolers, delivering free trials – back then, not many knew what a watercooler was! In 2002 I returned to the UK full-time and worked for Eden Springs as a Route Operations Manager until 2006. After some time away from the industry, I returned to join Mirage in 2023.


Steve is our longest-serving delivery driver and knows his way around Yorkshire like nobody else!

He is a keen car enthusiast and can fix pretty much anything with moving parts! When Steve’s not delivering water or fixing something, he’s probably shuffling around the ballroom floor!


Role at Mirage: I voluntarily took on the role of Undercover Boss in an attempt to discretely analyse the day to day running of the drivers. Whilst on this task I maintained the machines through sanitising and installing new units where required and delivered water with a view of making our service as strong as possible.

At the end of the week, when I had gathered all the required data, I removed my disguise to confused faces, at which point it became very apparent that I was neither the boss nor in fact had I ever worked at the company. I therefore continue to perform these tasks, just without the glasses and false moustache.

Nelly the Dog


Nelly has been with mirage for 10 years now, she is a good listener, drinks plenty of mirage water and loves treats! Always happy, loves people and is constantly wagging her tail.

Nellie’s favourite food is Sunday roast chicken or lamb. She loves going for walks & chasing sticks.

Nelly turned 10 recently and celebrated with a big party!!

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For more information about our bottle fed water coolers, please contact Mirage Water Coolers Ltd in Leeds today.

We operate across Yorkshire.

0113 287 7900


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