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ensure your water cooler is installed correctly

With 30 years of experience, Mirage Water Coolers is a trusted choice for water coolers in Yorkshire, Leeds and the surrounding areas. Mirage Water Cooler’s free site survey can ensure your mains or bottle-fed water cooler is installed correctly, ready to make the most of your cooler.

Installing a water cooler for your premises can bring a lot of benefits. Water coolers can help people stay hydrated, aiding concentration in the workplace or school, and even help maintain health and safety.

How Does The Free Site Survey Work?

Our engineers come right to your location

Contact our team to discuss your requirements, and we’ll make an appointment to visit your location. From there, our engineers will assess your space. If you need recommendations for the best type of water cooler, we can advise you as part of our assessment. We can also discuss your consumption needs to ensure you get a regular supply of water delivered after your installation is complete.

Do I Need A Free Site Survey?

We are here to help

If, by now, you’re thinking, ‘Do I need a free site survey?’ then why not get in touch? At Mirage Water Coolers, we’re here to provide you with professional water cooler installation, supply, and maintenance services to meet your hydration needs.

Contact Mirage Water Coolers for your free site survey today.

Beware the Roll-Over Contract

Mirage Watercoolers supply agreements are clear and fair. Should a customer wish to terminate an agreement at the end of the agreed term, or thereafter, we simply require three months written notice.

Users need to be aware that suppliers have a very different approach whereby, in the absence of any notification of the wish to terminate prior the end of an agreed term, the agreement will automatically roll over for a further term. In some cases this can tie the customer up for another five years!

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For more information about our bottle fed water coolers, please contact Mirage Water Coolers Ltd in Leeds today.

We operate across Yorkshire.

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