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If your business needs an affordable, convenient, and reliable way to provide clean drinking water to its employees or guests, a mains-fed floor standing water cooler is the perfect solution. Here at Mirage Water Coolers Ltd, we can supply and install a range of models from the best UK brands throughout the Leeds and Yorkshire region to transform your premises with immediate results.

As experts serving businesses and schools throughout Yorkshire, we can care for your water needs with both mains-fed and bottle-fed solutions. Combined with our ongoing maintenance services, the benefits of providing your visitor unlimited access to chilled drinking water are just a call away.

floor standing water cooler with filter

convenient and cost-effective

Serving properties in Leeds and the broader region of Yorkshire, Mirage Water Coolers Ltd is proud to offer a comprehensive installation service for floor standing water coolers with a filter. Also known as point-of-use (POU) water coolers connect directly to the mains water supply, meaning there is no need to change bottles or worry about capacity limits.

Filtered water solutions are convenient and cost-effective solutions for long-term chilled water supplies. They are designed to improve the taste of your water and separate bacteria from it. The sturdy units are designed to last and can feature steel cowling at the back for extra stability. Either way, water goes through a micron filter to deliver the best-tasting water to your employees and guests.

Better still, wastewater is handled hygienically to prevent odours and overflows.

Floor Standing Bottled Water Cooler

Installation and servicing specialists

In addition to POU water coolers, Mirage Water Coolers Ltd can fit a floor standing bottled water cooler within your commercial setting. This is the perfect solution if the water cooler is needed in a location where gaining access to the mains. Combined with their portability, they offer the most versatile solution to businesses in Leeds and beyond.

Our models come from manufacturers like AA First, Crystal Mountain, Oasis, and Borg & Overstrom. Moreover, models are available with hot and cold taps, room temperature, and chilled taps. As well as completing a full installation, our experts can take care of your ongoing water supply needs with bottles from Seaton Spring.

To get your floor standing bottled water cooler or mains-fed water cooler needs under control, contact the Mirage Water Coolers Ltd team to discuss your needs today.

Beware the Roll-Over Contract

Mirage Watercoolers supply agreements are clear and fair. Should a customer wish to terminate an agreement at the end of the agreed term, or thereafter, we simply require three months written notice.

Users need to be aware that suppliers have a very different approach whereby, in the absence of any notification of the wish to terminate prior the end of an agreed term, the agreement will automatically roll over for a further term. In some cases this can tie the customer up for another five years!

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