Introducing the Mirage ‘TopTap’ for instant hot, chilled and ambient water. (Tea, coffee, soup, noodles, squash etc!)

The attractively priced TopTap is a stylish chrome tap with electronic touch panel faucet with hot water safety button.

The TopTap75 provides hot and ambient water. Connecting the under sink chiller creates the TopTap7800 which provides hot and chilled water.

   Push Button Control Board



An expansion chamber absorbs the steam/water pressure created during boiling and reduces the risk of drips of water or steam from the tap. It is nevertheless recommended that the TopTap be mounted over a sink or drip tray.

Specifications and Performance

Scale Protection

Only proper scale removal filters will help to protect the atmospheric boiler from scale and minimise the need for frequent descaling.

Mirage ensure that the filters we fit, whether for hot or cold feed, are fit for purpose.

Filter Changes and Descaling  

Mirage offers annual packages relative to changing filters at the appropriate time and, as necessary and recommended, descaling.

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