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Water coolers for pupils

Affordable, Hygienic and Tamper Proof, Mains Fed, Filtered Water Cooler

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Hygienic – Plumbed to Waste
The cooler can be prepared and installed in such a way that any water spillage goes to waste rather than to a drip tray/isolation bottle. This ensures no spillage from overflow and avoids odours from stagnant water.
Tamper Proof
The cooler is fitted with a protective steel cowling, fixed to the back of the machine. This ensures the stability of the unit and prevents any tampering to the rear of the machine where the waste is discharged and the sensitive power elements are located. Push button operation with a generous dispensing aperture prevent further damage and spillage.
Some schools have felt obliged to spend very large sums of money on installing water dispensing units. The Arctic Chill from Mirage Watercoolers Ltd complete with factory installed, plumbed to waste facility and protective steel cowling is attractively priced and in many circumstances much cheaper than the alternatives.
An installation charge may be levied for initial plumbing and commissioning work.


Heavy Traffic Cooler – Great for Schools

Robustly constructed in stainless steel the Niagara is fully certified and features state-of-the-art technology, making this model perfect for the instantaneous provision of very large quantities of water (room temperature or chilled). Ideal for demanding, educational environments where sturdiness and cleanliness are paramount requirements.

NIAGARA School Watercooler

Ice-bank cooling system  
Eliminates the possibility of stagnation or contamination of the water. Water protected all the way to the dispensing area.  Together, the absence of traditional taps and the covered dispensing points impede contamination from external sources, such as hands.

Maximum hygiene
The dispensing head, the neck and the drip tray, i.e all the parts in contact with water, will be entirely in stainless steel in order to increase rust resistance and guarantee greater hygiene. Furthermore, thanks to the patented UV system around the dispensing area, the water path is protected all the way to the caraffe.


Kitchen hot water boilers for staff rooms

Constant boiling water on tap from Mirage Watercoolers Ltd. Practical and time saving…


The ‘grab on the go’ concept is prevalent in today’s workplace and hanging around waiting for the watched kettle that never boils is frustrating and time consuming – and time costs money!

With a leading brand hot water boiler from Mirage (Rental or Purchase & Maintenance) we:

  • Conduct free site surveys to advise on best solutions for individual clients
  • Supply and install new hot water boilers
  • Offer a variety of models and capacities (countertop and wall-mounted)
  • Have comprehensive sanitisation procedures to support all Mirage installations to maximize quality and performance
  • Sanitise existing, previously installed machines with filter changes
  • Supply complete with manufacturer’s warranty