waste management

Managing Waste Water

Mirage Watercoolers supply an extensive range of water coolers. Some are bottle fed, some are mains fed. Some have large drip trays, some have small drip trays.

Largely speaking the emptying of drip trays is a day-to-day housekeeping matter, however, in certain circumstances the capacity management of waste water can be significantly larger than just the drip tray on certain types of coolers.

Depending on the location of the cooler it may be possible to allow waste water to escape direct into the main drain or, […]

Housekeeping & Waste Management

Mirage Watercooler’s preoccupation is that the water delivered to the cup/bottle is of the highest quality. This relates directly to the sanitisation of all components that come into contact with the water prior to dispensing.

The day-to-day cleaning of non-water contact parts is a housekeeping discipline but Mirage can often help with the management of waste or spilt water.

If this is a subject that causes you concern with unsightly spills and staining on the outside of the cooler and, occasionally, unpleasant odour please contact Mirage Water Coolers on […]