Feeling the cold? Try this

Cold weather means hot drinks and food. The sheer, instant convenience of an automatic hot water boiler gives you anything from that uplifting, steaming mug of coffee to a warming cup of soup to tasty noodles.

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As winter approaches and hot drinks, soup, noodles etc. come back into focus Mirage Watercoolers want to remind you of their ongoing promotion for anyone thinking about buying an automatic Hot Water Boiler – so much more practical and quicker than continuous boiling of kettles. We will, on request, carry out a free survey to establish where you would like your boiler positioned and, more often than not, install the unit FOC (wall mounted boilers are hard […]

The Cost Graph – Where Do the Lines Cross?

If you consume a lot of bottled water with your Mirage Watercoolers’ bottle fed cooler and are concerned about the cost then consider a mains fed cooler.

Typically, if you’re consuming three or more 18.9 Ltr bottles per month then the chances are a mains fed cooler complete with its micron carbon filter is likely to become the cheaper option.

We are always happy to quote for […]