Mirage Watercoolers’ de-scaling service will help prolong the life of the boiler in your kitchen at work.

Calcium Carbonate is a natural occurrence in water. Whilst not implicitly harmful from a health perspective if allowed to build up over a period of time it can affect appearance and taste of dispensed water but, more importantly in a hot water boiler, scale can reduce both performance and life expectancy if it is not removed.

Some parts of the country are fortunate in having soft water but others have real problems with hard […]

Introducing the Mirage ‘TopTap’ for instant hot, chilled and ambient water. (Tea, coffee, soup, noodles, squash etc!)

The attractively priced TopTap is a stylish chrome tap with electronic touch panel faucet with hot water safety button. It can either drain directly to the kitchen sink waste or through a drip tray plumbed to waste i.e. it can be fitted directly on the kitchen work surface.

The TopTap 75 with its under-sink heater produces instant hot and ambient water.

The TopTap 7800 has the additional under-sink chiller and produces hot and chilled water.

The 4 Litre hot tank has an hourly output of up to 14 Litres with […]

New, Attractively Priced Wall Mounted Boiler Range

Mirage install and service the brand-leading Lincat range of automatic hot water boilers.

Lincat have just introduced an additional type of wall mounted unit. (M3F, M5F and M7F). All with Lincat’s standard 2 year warranty.

With ‘instant draw’ capacities of either 3.5 Litres, 5.5 Litres and 8 Litres there is a unit to suit all requirements.

Not only is this new range very competitively priced it is also easy to install with a 3 pin plug arrangement when many wall mounted units are hard […]