The attractively priced TopTap is a stylish chrome tap with electronic touch panel faucet with hot water safety button. It can either drain directly to the kitchen sink waste or through a drip tray plumbed to waste i.e. it can be fitted directly on the kitchen work surface.

The TopTap 75 with its under-sink heater produces instant hot and ambient water.

The TopTap 7800 has the additional under-sink chiller and produces hot and chilled water.

The 4 Litre hot tank has an hourly output of up to 14 Litres with 3 Litres immediate draw.

The chill facility when chosen gives up to 8 litres of refreshing cold water.

The image shows the TopTap complete with the optional drip tray as an additional accessory.

Push Button Control Board


As always Mirage provides the twice annual, specialist filter changes and the recommended option of descaling the unit.

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