About Our Water

Our water comes from Seaton Spring. Their water is drawn from the deepest borehole of any 19 litre source in the UK. The depth of the limestone aquifer from which it is drawn guarantees the consistency of our crystal clear, rock filtered water.

Our water is bottled at source and constantly undergoes rigorous tests by AES Laboratories, part of the Northumbrian Water Group, to ensure that the water you receive is of the highest standard.

To complement the quality of our water the high standards of the bottling process are endorsed […]

Beware the Roll-Over Contract!

Mirage Watercoolers’ supply agreements are clear and fair. Should a customer wish to terminate an agreement at the end of the agreed term, or thereafter, we simply require three months’ written notice.

Users need to be aware that some suppliers have a very different approach whereby, in the absence of any notification of the wish to terminate prior the end of an agreed term, the agreement will automatically roll over for a further term. In some cases this can tie the customer up for another five years!


When a customer has decided that they would like to have either a mains fed cooler or an automatic hot water boiler installed the associated plumbing work needs careful consideration.

Mirage Watercoolers always visit a customer’s premises before installation to carry out a FREE site survey to qualify exactly what plumbing work is required.

Sometimes an issue apart from plumbing needs to be considered e.g. space availability/height restriction etc.

This delivers a mutual benefit for both the installer and the customer as it ensures that no time is wasted at installation due […]


Mirage Watercoolers is always happy to provide a water cooler, some spring water and some cups to try, free of charge, if any interested party prefers to trial a cooler before committing to a rental or outright purchase arrangement.

If you choose not to keep the cooler we will collect it after a couple of weeks. It’s really that simple i.e. no obligation, no cost.

Either fill in the form on our website or call 0113 2877900 and we will arrange for a […]

Premium Brand Suppliers

Premium Brand Suppliers

Mirage Watercoolers’ policy is to only source its coolers and hot water boilers from some of the most respected brands, established over years of investment and development.

Borg & Overstrom (B&O)

Aesthetics is the word synonymous with the products supplied by B&O. Mirage Watercoolers has chosen this range of products for their leading edge technology combined with 21st century design and durability. In either reservoir or direct chill formats B&O mains fed coolers are a natural fit for all environments from schools through to prestige offices and board rooms.

The benefits of hydration at work

Having either a bottle or mains fed water cooler from Mirage Watercoolers can have a

measurable benefit in terms of productivity in the workplace. Research has shown that even a reduction in dehydration levels of as little as 2% of body weight can influence mood, lead to greater feelings of fatigue and reduced levels of alertness.

Not only can staying hydrated help to improve our work productivity, helping us to perform better mentally and physically, it can also help to offset potential safety risks. For example, dehydration could lead to reduced […]

Housekeeping & Waste Management

Mirage Watercooler’s preoccupation is that the water delivered to the cup/bottle is of the highest quality. This relates directly to the sanitisation of all components that come into contact with the water prior to dispensing.

The day-to-day cleaning of non-water contact parts is a housekeeping discipline but Mirage can often help with the management of waste or spilt water.

If this is a subject that causes you concern with unsightly spills and staining on the outside of the cooler and, occasionally, unpleasant odour please contact Mirage Water Coolers on […]

The Importance of Sanitisation

Any equipment dispensing drinking water requires periodic sanitisation. In time a natural build-up of lime scale can be evident. Whilst not a major health concern this can produce unsightly, white ‘bits’ in the water. Equally the presence of any bacteria is to be avoided.

Depending on the type of water cooler or hot water boiler sanitisation can involve the cleaning/replacement of several parts including reservoirs, taps, filters and drip trays.

Mirage holds a comprehensive data base of every customer’s water cooler/s’ programme of sanitisation.

Special Offer: Any new customer taking out a […]

Bottle Fed ‘v’ Mains Fed Coolers

Taste – Personal preference always plays a part. Some consumers want the taste of natural spring water from a bottle fed cooler. Others are happy with mains water fed through a carbon micron filter that removes the vast majority of any impurities.

Convenience – With a bottle fed cooler one has to buy, store and carry bottles of water constantly throughout the year. With a mains fed cooler the only possible additional demand/cost is cups.

Cost comparison – Most water coolers from Mirage are rented and a mains fed cooler is […]

Water Cups and the ‘Plastics’ Debate

The number of customers enquiring about paper cups instead of plastic has increased recently. Historically paper cups were arguably more complicated in terms of recycling than plastic cups as they had a thin plastic membrane on the paper to make them water tight. To some extent that remains the case, however, Mirage are now able to offer the following which fit any type of cup dispenser on our bottle fed and mains fed water coolers.

The appearance of these cups is very similar to a traditional paper cup whilst Starch […]