Bottle Fed ‘v’ Mains Fed Coolers

Taste – Personal preference always plays a part. Some consumers want the taste of natural spring water from a bottle fed cooler. Others are happy with mains water fed through a carbon micron filter that removes the vast majority of any impurities.

Convenience – With a bottle fed cooler one has to buy, store and carry bottles of water constantly throughout the year. With a mains fed cooler the only possible additional demand/cost is cups.

Cost comparison – Most water coolers from Mirage are rented and a mains fed cooler is more expensive to rent than a bottle fed unit. The ‘cost line’ on the graph starts to move in favour of a mains fed cooler once three or more bottles of water are consumed per month.

Water Cups and the ‘Plastics’ Debate

The number of customers enquiring about paper cups instead of plastic has increased recently. Historically paper cups were arguably more complicated in terms of recycling than plastic cups as they had a thin plastic membrane on the paper to make them water tight. To some extent that remains the case, however, Mirage are now able to offer the following which fit any type of cup dispenser on our bottle fed and mains fed water coolers.

The appearance of these cups is very similar to a traditional paper cup whilst Starch based and compostable and biodegrade along with food waste.

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